Be Your Own Therapist is about getting all the benefits of therapy without the pricetag, scheduling conflicts, and the unnecessary digging into your past. I give you the tools and show you how to use them so that you can have the quality of relationships that you desire.


my Mission

It is my goal to bring people relief in their relationships, increase the quality of their connections with both themselves and others, and help them have better sex lives. I will do this by leading by example and by educating others on how to practice self-therapy so that they can find peace and fulfillment in their lives without breaking the bank.

I don't think that everyone needs therapy, but I do believe everyone could benefit from it. There are a few problems with getting people to therapy, however, including the strong stigma against mental health, access to health care, and the incredibly high cost of getting help, assuming counseling is even included in your health insurance. Access to care should not limit people's ability to get help when they need it so Be Your Own Therapist was designed to give people the tools they need to create change in their lives themselves.

There are a lot of misconceptions about what therapy is and what therapists do. To be clear, therapists do not give advice or fix your problems for you. They won't have the hard conversations you need to have with your partner for you, but they can show you ways to communicate your needs more effectively and help you practice having these conversations. Be Your Own Therapist essentially cuts out the middle man, giving you the tools and showing you how to use them, ideally before you even need them. When you know a variety of methods for handling conflict and saying what's really on your mind in a way that your partner is willing and able to hear, you'll find more enjoyment in your relationship and a greater sense of control of your own life.

You don't need a therapist, you just need a little push in the right direction. I'm here to help with just that. Find out what you're capable of and create a marriage that lasts.