Marriage is hard. Getting help doesn't have to be. 

Whether one of you suffers from depression or denial or you simply don't always see eye-to-eye, you can learn more effective ways of being and move forward together, stronger than before.

The best time to learn how to solve problems is before they occur. Give yourselves the gift of a successful marriage and register today to learn how.

Free intro Class

Learn all about narrative therapy in this free, 60-minute class! You and your partner will start to see yourselves and your problems in a different light and feel empowered to rewrite the story of your life. Explore a world of possibility!

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Be your own therapist

Six additional models of therapy to help you become an expert at problem solving! This 6-hour course covers a variety of models of therapy to give you the tools you need to handle any and every problem life throws at you. Faster, cheaper, and easier than going a therapist's office!

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